Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hang on to your hat!

It seemed like a nice day at 7:30 this morning as the sun arrived and the temps were almost warm enough to use the air conditioner. But by 9:30 the winds arrived.

As I look out the door of the RV I see the big palms all blowing North in 20 Mph to 30 gusts. It rocks the rig even with the legs down on all four corners. It seems that wind is one of the ongoing factors of the Rio Grande Valley. We are just hanging arround this morning not doing much of anything.

We went to South Padre Island and took a few pictures yesterday so I will get those put up after bit.

I did put the little temperature button on the web site last night to show the weather now as you check in, but it says nothing about the wind condition unless you click it and then it is a full blown weather site. Have fun with that.

One of the places we have looked at on the internet was the South Padre Island KOA campground. It looks so cool on the web site. So we went to check it out. The old oil tanks are now the office and the bath house. It is a long narrow strip of land that has the tanks on the beach. They completely block the view of the bay that looks back at the mainland. Ya you don't look out to the Ocean at all.
But there is a playground on one side of the tanks that is right on the water, and next to it there are about 6 sites that are viewing the bay. They had motorhomes on them . I perceive there was a waiting list for these sites.
The rest of the place is a big gravel parking lot that has blacktop roads running thru it. Rigs are side to side and back to back. No grass, no trees, no shade, can't see anything except the camper next to you. And the main bath house is a tin building back in the back. All along the south side of the property is a big marine building that is 2 stories or more tall and you can not see anything that direction at all. I didn't even take a picture of that.

Now check out their web site. South Padre KOA

And to think we thought we would like to stay there! Beware of web site advertisements.

1:30 PM
We got a new neighbor. They are across the back lot. This is a monster 5th Wheel. Their back door is nearly directly adjacent to our door. I am hoping they will use the front door! More Canadians. Is anybody left up North?

Nice picture of my finger huh?

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