Thursday, February 28, 2008

So just what did we do today?


And boy are we good at it!

Late last night I began the start of the sore throat. Thanks to the visit to the sick barbers. I tried every trick I knew to lessen the chances, but nothing worked.

I awoke at 3AM and couldn't swallow. It was warm in Texas, but I digress. After some drugs and hot drinks, I finally got back to sleep. And of course I then slept in. Waking to find Loyce already gone to the hair dresser.

So the day had a late start. We spent much of the morning working with the computer. Our grand daughter arrived around lunch time. She is in between day care places and is staying with us so her folks can still go to work.

She kept us busy for the afternoon. She is three and has boundless energy. We have none. She didn't take much of a nap, so we played the day away. What are grand parents good for anyway.

So between skype phone calls and cell phone conversations, suddenly it was time for supper. We went to Fudruckers, for a burger and fries. We like the fresh buns, and Loyce likes the shakes. I have to stick to the diet coke.

More computer time with friends and our picture exchange ham radio programs, after the supper, and the day is done. Now if the sore throat will go away tonight, maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

We have begun to talk about going to the Lake home to see if all is well there. We were last there in late December. We do not like to leave the place unattended that long, as we have had problems in the past. So now we must go see if we have issues. That will be for next week.

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