Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Busy Two Days

I have spent the last two days in the auto auctions here in KC. I went to see Chris in the afternoon yesterday, and from there to preview cars at the first auction.

And wouldn't you know it there was a 2008 Ford 250 Diesel with 12,000 miles on it right in the middle of the lot. And it was clean as a button. That would haul the RV like it wasn't there. So we got up at 6:30 today, and went out there at 8. The auction began at 9 and the truck was number 6.

Wouldn't you know it we right away got into a bidding war with another guy, that thought he just had to have it. We had studied the market, and had a top number that we felt we couldn't exceed. This other fellow took us to that number in about 6 bids, back and forth.

He only out bid us by two hundred bucks, but we felt he was prepared to go much higher, if need be. We could have run him up a bunch more, but when you are up around 40K this can become serious right fast. So we just quit and let him have it. Maybe there will be another one in the next few weeks.

Dang I hate to let him win like that, but dollars prevail over my ego. Besides at some point, he is the nut case, for giving too much.

We went on to the second auction this afternoon, and previewed cars until 7 tonight. We have several that are a possibility, but then price will be everything in those auctions as well. I don't plan on being involved in the actual bidding tomorrow. But if successful, I will have to help go after the cars.

I will say that folks have no idea how much work it is to have, and present clean used products on a used lot. There is a lot of just disgusting cars for sale. They are mostly beyond any and all efforts to resurrect them from export to the third world.

And for those few vehicles that are desirable, there are a hoard of bidders, driving the prices beyond what normal folks are willing to pay.

So much for the car dealer thing. I haven't had time to have any other experiences, to relate in the blog as we spent 8 hours yesterday and 12 hours today at this work. But I am learning a new trade that is much different than the accounting gig that I worked at for thirty years.

And I do not even have a new truck to show for it. But then diesel did go over $4 a gallon today here in Kansas. There seems to be no limit...........

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