Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A strange vehicle !

I found this at the Adessa auction yesterday. The auction is in Lee's Summit, Mo. We have two auctions here in the KC area.

But what is it? It was a long pickup with dually rear wheels. But then there was the sleeper thingy.

This was a 3500 Chevy Duramax diesel pickup, with a long bed. It had fifth wheel rails in the bed of the pickup. The hitch was gone, but could easily have been added back. The extended cab had the normal bench seat but the seat back was gone.

It is replaced with the entrance to the sleeper. It had double racks, one above the other. With fairly thick mattresses. The frame was lengthened to carry the sleeper. Like a limousine.

Before you ask if I went to the auction to buy it, be informed that the odometer already had 247,000 miles on it.

That proves that the Isuzu Chevy duramax is a long lived engine. It did have the allison transmission as well.

We spent some time trying to decide what the application would be for such a vehicle. Is the fire engine red color a clue? We did not come up with an answer, so if you know leave a comment.

We went up to the other auction to pre view cars, this afternoon. So just another day of work.

I did go over and close the slide on the RV this morning. I never went in to check on the carpet, but it is surely dry after 36 hours. Seemed clean from looking in the door.

Another day in the log book. Have to get up early and go to the auction tomorrow, so will close for now.

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  1. Hello, The truck with the sleeper is a hotshot rig, used for over the road deliveries less than 26,000 lbs gvrw. Quite a few folks are running them now days for RV deliveries from factor to dealers, also hotshot loads off of uship.com


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