Sunday, May 1, 2011

Camping without a camper!

Now that is kind of hard to do unless you are tent campers, which I did a lot of when I was a scout leader a number of years ago.  But Loyce didn't and wouldn't go along.  So today was a day camping trip.  We are back home tonight, for a good nights sleep in our comfy bed here at the home front.

Our son's and their families have always liked to go out camping on the weekends and both have RVs that are sized for their families.  It just so happens that they both have conventional travel trailers that they pull with regular pickups or large SUVs.  And they go camping together on a lot of the weekends.

So it was an` instant decision to head on out and go see them this afternoon in the Camp Ground.  They camp about 60 miles away from the Olathe area to the West in Kansas.  This is a state park on Pamona lake at the small town of Vassar, Kansas.

So we headed out in the late morning, and arrived at about lunch time.  In time for the picnic on the picnic table under the awning.  We played lawn darts, with magnetic darts, and ladder golf with the golf balls on a rope, and sat under a new awning dining fly tent thing that Chris had purchased for the occasion.  I'm not sure where the afternoon went, but it was gone fairly quickly.

This evening we stayed for the pickled pork, red beans and rice that had been simmering in the crock pot for most of the day.  It was served along with fresh andouille sausage grilled on the bar b cue.  That stuff is hotter than hot!

What a fun day, and I was missing the motorhome a lot, because we had full hookups in this nice little state park.  The lake has a marina and is primarily a fishing impoundment, but also has a swimming beach and recreational boating.  We were there with our travel trailer about two years ago in the fall, but have not been back.  The kids have gone there repeatedly on weekends, but we end up down at lake ozark instead.

So I am sitting here smelling of smoke from the camp fire and have a tinge of red from the sun, but have enjoyed our day with the family.

Retired Rod


  1. Another great day with your family, Rod. Dinner sure sounded good too! You might want to get your MH down there for a weekend some time soon.

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to spend your weekend, along with your family and loved ones. I actually went camping a lot when I was growing up and never used a camper, it was definitely fun but not very comfortable ;) Hope you continue to enjoy your weekend.
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