Thursday, July 7, 2011

More fun than work.

As far as accomplishing anything worth while, today was a complete bust.  It started with a visit to the Doctor's office early in the morning, and that included a tad bit of waiting around. But after that we came back home with the best of intentions.

I even called the plumber and the contractor to see if they wanted to go forward, but in mid morning, I ended up on the phone to my investment councilor in Des Moines.  And that turned into a long phone call.  I'm not sure what we accomplished, but we talked for quite a while.

And I later learned that the plumber was on the phone trying to get thru at the same time.  Ooops,,, but we did manage to purchase a stock or two and make some futher plans for future investments.

And since I was on a financial roll, I started to pay this months bills, and the day just slipped out of hand.  Especially since the slow computer time caused me to slip away to nappy time....

So my best intensions were blown away anyway, so it was out to the scooter at about 3:30 where I rode over to Wendy's for a Junior Cheese and small fry combo.  But it was 92 outside and the sun was warm and comfortable, so I headed West and South out into the country.

I didn't come back to the house until almost 7 PM, after stopping at two different lakes and riding a lot of country.

On an RV note, I went thru the Olathe Ford RV lot looking over the many RVs they have in inventory.  And then a spin around the buildings where they were working on rigs in for repair.  I was somewhat surprised to find my storage neighbor's Allegro Bay having its bin doors replaced.  It was parked in the next row from mine at storage when the baseball hail hit us in April.

I did not see any old bent doors sitting around, so I am assuming that they straightened and filled the old ones.  That is what I did not want to happen to mine, so that confirms why I decided to go to Red Bay for replacements.  I saw my old doors stacked in a pile to be disposed, when I went to retrieve the repaired coach!

But this RV place is our source for repairs here in our community, and are the only facility  in town.  So they are way behind, and if you didn't purchase your rig there, you will wait forever.  So that is how we got into the habit of going back to Red Bay, Alabama.

Any way perhaps tomorrow will be better for some accomplishment in the basement, but don't count on it!!  The scooter has gas.........

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Especially the trip to Wendy's - but it really needs to include a Frosty.

  2. Nothing wrong with taking a day off from work - especially when you are retired. Maybe your new investments will actually turn out paying for all these improvements!


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