Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Day at the Lake.

It seems like where ever I go, there are a bunch of projects waiting for me that didn't get done the last time we were here.  So when everyone went down on the dock to go swimming and jet ski riding, I noticed that my key fob still didn't work for the boat lift.

Let me drop back a bit and explain things.  We have a pontoon boat, and it is on a floating boat lift.  The lift is fastened to the floating dock, which is connected to the sea wall with a ramp.  The floating lift goes up and down with a vacuum cleaner style motor that blows air into the logs under the boat.  When the steel tank logs are inflated, they float and raise the boat out of the water.

But it is hard to take the boat off of the lift, and have to go tie it up along side the dock and then come back and run the controls on the dock console.   So I purchased a remote control gizmo that runs the controls from a key fob that is fastened to the boat keys.

So you get on the boat and push the button and the lift goes down and dumps you into the water.  You back off from the dock, and push the button again and the lift comes back up without the boat on it, and you are free to go fishing or sight seeing.

When you come back to the dock, you push the down button and the lift descends below the water so you can pull back on again.  But it didn't work...........  I had switched to the spare fob earlier in the spring, but it quit working too.  So today I had to take the little screw out of the fob and decided what kind of battery went inside and see if Wal Mart had such a thing.

So as the family was swimming I was in Wal Mart looking for this little battery.  Nope, not in photo, try automotive......  And yes...... they did have them in automotive.  So after some lunch and several jugs of gasoline to put in the jet ski I was back at the house replacing batteries.  I bought two, one for each fob.  That took about an hour and a half!

I did manage to find the license tag sticker and get it applied to the red motor scooter license plate and the registration into the folder under the seat.  Just project stuff, but enough to keep me from taking the family boating.

But after a while they sent my son up to see why we weren't headed out with the pontoon.  So by about 4 PM, we departed and headed up the river to almost the 20 mile mark.  We live at the 2, so that was quite a ways.  Of course we nose around looking at all the stuff on shore along the way so it takes us quite a while to go that far.  But when we could see Bandanna's  Barbecue from the lake we suddenly got hungry.

So we buzzed home in a toot, and went up town for the barbecue.  Its midnight now as I type this and I am still overstuffed........  The kids had to play bumper boats in the T shirt town up by the dam tonight and we didn't get back until 10 PM.  They were zonked almost instantly when we got home.

Another day at the lake.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you made some progress and sill got a boat ride in. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Nice to get those projects out of the way. Today you can spend more time with the family. Have fun.


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