Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake visit for the grands

Our son Ben and his wife Danielle and the three grand kids have been spending the week at our lake home in Lake Ozark.  School starts on Monday of next week, so this is the last hurrah for summer 2011 for the kids.  The older kids understand this quite well, but the five year old just goes with the tide.

Loyce and I decided that we wanted to be with the kids during this last week, so we packed all of our stuff that we normally take with us to the lake, and Biscuit. Seems like her doggy stuff takes up more space than our things.

We kind of messed around all morning without much purpose, knowing that we would come together  at the final time before we left.  And it did all come together about 1:30 in the afternoon as we were off for the lake.

We are pulling our cargo trailer with the pickup truck in hopes of bringing home the smaller scooter that was purchased two years ago.  Perhaps we can use it more effectively in the KC area, rather than leaving it here at the lake.  Seems like it just sits here and is seldom driven.  But on the other side of the coin, we have much less space to park it back in KC.

When we arrived, the kids were all down on the dock swimming in the lake and riding on the Jet Ski.  We had called ahead, so they knew we had arrived but went on with the aquatic activities.  They were quite tired when they came back upstairs, but still we had barbequed chicken and watched some TV but everyone was soon off to bed.

We have high hopes for fun activities in the morning............

Retired Rod

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  1. Hard to believe that school is getting ready to start again. What happened to this summer? The little summer we did have was too hot to do anything. Hope everybody has a good winter.


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