Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mowing and keys!

Nothing much to report from KC today other than going to Doctor's offices and mowing the grass that was taller than my high top shoes.

We have a watering system in the yard, and I had set it to go every day when we left for South Dakota.  And while it was soo hot, it was needed, but it cooled off mid week and I wasn't here to set the system back on every other day.  Anybody got a baler they can loan me?

Mr John Deere cut her down with out too much trouble but I usually mulch  the grass.  That wasn't happening too well tonight, so it took multiple passes to get it chopped up enough to be considered mulch.  Even so I will be going back over it with the bagger if it turns brown and clumps together, like you know it will.

I did go over and get some keys made for the motorhome this afternoon thinking that we will add to our third set that we keep in the car for emergencies.  We managed to get the main door locked when we were leaving the campground in Mt Rushmore.  The keys were in the ignition and Loyce's purse was still in the coach as well.  The engine was running as I was hitching the CRV to the back of the MH. Luckily the drivers door was unlocked and I just crawled up the steep steps on the side of the coach and into the drivers seat.  I could have sworn that door was locked but luckily not!

So perhaps the extra key in the glove box of the car is the correct move here.  Or we can hide a key somewhere on the coach, but I'm not too sure about that one because everyone can guess right where to look.  If you put it in one of the bins, what if it is locked too?  I could ask for suggestions on this, but that would give away where you folks hide yours, so that isn't a good idea.

Anyway we have the extra key on the master ring tonight, we just have to decide where to stick it!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Putting the key in the car may not be the best idea. The car may be locked too.

    We have a key hidden in one of those magnetic key holders that is on the MH. There's lots of places to put it where it won't be locked up.

  2. I am terrible about locking keys in a vehicle, whether it be the truck or the RV. Hope you find a good solution.


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