Monday, August 15, 2011

Returning Home with the Red Scooter.

Today was even slower as we packed up to return back to KC.  I rode the scooter up town and spent about an hour doing all the back roads that I normally wouldn't drive on in a car.  Seems like you can drive all over the place in the little scoot and no one thinks a thing about you buzzing around on the little red bike.

Its quiet and I don't ride it very fast, so folks just see it like it was another bicycle riding around the neighborhood.  Finally I filled it up with gas at the local station and it took about .9 of a gallon.  That was for all day today and about 40 miles yesterday too.  It holds about 1.8 gallons when it is way down.

Then in the middle of the afternoon, I loaded the scoot in the back of the utility trailer and strapped it down.  I have a wheel chock in the front that has the tip in mechanism that grabs the front tire.  I use it on both the bigger bike and this little one.

So between three and six this afternoon, the truck and trailer made its way back to KC.  I'm not certain why we had so much stuff, but it took a long time to unload once we were back here.  Then the trailer had to go over to its storage lot, and I got trapped behind a looooong BNSF train that was headed South. But just for good measure another train came on the parallel track heading North.  I gave up waiting and went to a local fuel station for truck fuel.

So as the sun was setting, tonight I was moving stuff in the garage to get both scooters in at the same time.  Its been quite a while since we did that, because the red bike hasn't been here in over a year.

Oh, and did I mention that the yard has jumped about 6 inches since I mowed last week?  I turned the water system down too, but it is mostly in the 80s now and the grass seems to really like that temperature.......

Seems like the projects never end around here.

Retired Rod


  1. Ya know Rod, it might be kinda nice if ya threw in a couple pics now & again of things. How about hauling that new D5100 out of the closet & cracking off some pics. I have no idea what your Scoot looks like. How about a shot of your RV storage area with the rig parked. A pic of the Scoot in the trailer & all your 'stuff.' How about the Biscuit Kid. And those basement renovations. A pic of you on the mower baling hay in your back yard, your favorite Wendys with the two wheeler parked outside & a couple half eaten hamburgers on the seat. Maybe a driver's Scoot view of what it's like at 85 mph in bumper to bumper Kansas City traffic. Now that would be some darn good Scootin:))

  2. I, too, would love to see some pics especially of the Scoot and the bigger bike. Probably took you longer to unload because you really didn't want to. Good luck mowing the hayfield.

  3. Have fun mowing that lawn - at least your temperatures seem to be down a bit from a few weeks ago.

    Those scooters seem to be a great way to get around - sure beats hauling a big diesel truck into town!


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