Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Pictures

I tend to write the blog way late at night, and it is after a time when I can even think about pictures.  I don't generally ever take a camera with me anywhere I go.  That is kind of like Al with a cell phone, I have to physically think about taking pictures like it is a job.  It just doesn't occur to me, while others live for it.

Also I tend not to post pictures that have been posted before, but I need to realize that many folks are not long time readers and therefore have not seen photos that have been posted before so.....  I was looking in the blogger archives for some of the pictures that were requested in the comments.

2009 Kymco People 200

2009 Suzuki Burgman 650

The Burgman was not manufactured in 2010 as there were way many carryover bikes from 2009.  So I purchased this in the spring of 2010 but it is labeled as a 2009.

Burgman tied down in the utility trailer.

Motorhome parked over in the storage lot
On this particular day most of the other rigs were gone, so I snapped this picture when you could see the entire motor home.  I had ridden over to the storage on the Burgman scooter, but it isn't stored there.

I grabbed these from older blog posts, but it took me quite a while to find them.  With over 1300 posts, the pictures area that blogger will allow me to put pictures on is about full.  I will have to start paying for storage here one of these days.  I don't think it is too much money though.

I have begun to export all the pictures in Picasa to a smaller size before loading them up in order to limit the storage that they take up.  Have any of you folks run into the limit on Blogger?

I was looking, and I do have somewhere around 3,000 pictures in the blogger and picasa albums.  I just added them to the share feature of Google + .  So if you are a member of google plus you can fire off a friend request and see all the pictures since 2007 when I started to write these blogs.  And if your not on Google + ask myself or Rick for an invitation and we will be glad to send it.

AND  I have been trying to include more pictures lately, and I am guilty as charged by Al, when it gets late at night and I haven't written a blog yet.........

Retired Rod

Kansas countryside as seen from the windshield of the Burgman 650   
I finally found this picture taken while sitting at a country intersection on the motorscooter.


  1. Nice to see some pictures. It only costs $5 to increase the storage with Goggle. Rick did a post months ago on how to do it. You might search his blog for the details. :)

  2. Good job Rod, I guess the 200 and 650 are the cc's of the motor. Nice scooters. I have thought about getting a little 250 trail bike to put on the back on the bike rack. But I have the truck wherever we go so I just don't know if it's worth the effort. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna....

  3. More good news, if you join Google+ all photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels are stored absolutely free and that includes Picasa Web Albums.

  4. Darn it now Rick tells me I blew that $5.00 on storage. No wonder he needed to buy lunch.

  5. Thanks for the pictures. Now it's easier for me to picture you toolin' along down your back roads.

  6. Nice to see them there photos alright. I now have an accurate pictoral record of what you are talking about at times. Thanks, appreciate that. Ya did good, Kid:))


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