Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The run home.....

It is always such a peacful night when we stay at the Timberline Campground.  This is an 80 acre farm that is mostly seeded into prairie grass as it would have been before settlers came to Iowa.

There is a long lane that comes from a rural road back behind the trees.  Once around a corner, you see the barn that has been converted into the campground maintenance shed.  The campground map lists it as the wash barn.  Not sure I have ever seen that description before.

There are several buildings that make up the activities area including the house with the campground office in one end.  We like to camp way out in the back row against the fence.  About three of the sites are 50 amp with sewer that have no tree cover, which allows for our satellite to see her bird. That gives us full coverage TV as there is no cable coverage this far out in the country.  It is 15 miles back to the West side of West Des Moines from here.

I slept in like a log this morning, as Loyce had left the MH for a walk with Biscuit and I never even heard her leave.  It had rained during the night, and everything had that lush green fresh air to it.  They mow a lot of ground here, so it really is a park.  Kids were swimming in the pool while I was doing the clean out chores for the holding tanks.

But sadly we needed to leave, so when things were cleaned for storage when we  arrive home, we headed out.  Four hours later we were in KC right at evening drive time.  Ick........

I 35 enteres from the Northeast and we live on the Southwest corner of town.  I hadn't taken on any fuel since we were in Sioux Falls, SD the day before, so a trip thru the Quick Trip fuel stop was in order.  I pulled in along with the 18 wheelers.  Unlike South Dakota where they trust you to fill it up and come in and "settle up" as the cashier told us.  Here you have to go pay ahead and they set the pump for exactly the amount you say.

That's kind of a pain in the patutee because you have to estimate how much you will take.  I gave them $160 for fuel at $3.75.  Turned out to be 43.5 gallons which was short of filling us up but close.  I had spent $145 for fuel in Sioux Falls so about $320 for the trip home adding some for the tank not being totally full.  It was about 840 miles with our detour to Des Moines since I 29 was blocked by water over the road.

We came very close to 10 miles per gallon pulling the CRV, which is quite respectable.  We have the newer engine with all the polution gizmos so our mileage cannot compete with the older ISB cumins engines.

Tonight was the same old boring load out into the house and go store the MH back over on the lot.  That was after scrubbing the gooey layer of bugs from the front of the coach.

So back to the KC grind......

Retired Rod

For those of you that gave me heck about the no cute puppy pictures, I swiped a picture of Betsy's new puppy from her face book page.  This was taken at the breeders before she came home to Iowa.  She's bigger now and not nearly so innocent.   LOL


  1. The pup has that Dennis the Menace look.Glad you got home without any troubles and got the rig put up, ours is sitting and waiting for the next round, all it needs is to have the fridge and food restocked. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. So cute - sure glad you could swipe the picture. There's just nothing like puppy pictures. Not bad fuel mileage.

  3. LOL! Innoncent-not even close-more like ornry! I had so much fun watching her play with you and Maisie-that I forgot to get the camera out too! Darn! Lily Belle loves her Auntie Maisie and Uncle Rod! Now-just need to get Biscuit to like her new cousin! Who would ever think-that Lily Belle would all ready be bigger than her cousin! Now-I am scared! LOL! It was great to see you both-thanks for the wonderful surprise visit-wish it could have been longer!


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