Monday, August 22, 2011

Lazy day but we seem to stay busy.

It seems like Sunday is our day of just lazing around and doing nothing much.  And today was no exception.  We just hung around the house and read the internet today.

I didn't even go start the motorscooter or get it out of the garage.  When we went outside it seemed oh so humid so we were not motivated to do much outside.  Loyce did go to Wal Mart for some groceries, but i just hung around here and read stories that were highlighted on Twitter.

I am enjoying the breaking news feed on Twitter especially today as the news was breaking in Lybia.  Every few minutes they were finding the latest story as the revolution was escalating.  I was comparing the coverage to the news feed on my Android phone, and found that the twitter feed was remarkably faster.  I am glad that I took Rick Doyle's advice and signed myself up!  I don't plan on tweeting anything much, but rather to use it as a lurker service.

Yesterday Loyce announce that her TV up in our bedroom had totally shot itself. It was rolling and rolling like older TVs did years ago.  Back then we had an adjustment that stopped that, but now it is just broken when that happens.

So a visit to our local Best Buy was in order.  After deciding that 32 inch diagonal was the size we needed, they had a special on a no name brand that would work for a bedroom tv.  At least I had never heard of Dynex, but I decided to take a chance and bring one home.

It is not unique in any way, other than they had it on special for $250.  It was in a lineup of several big name brands.  While it was not exactly like the pictures on the others that cost twice as much, it was really close. So we are now learning to run this new set.

We have it hooked up to the cable system box here at home, so I had to spend time trying to reprogram the cable box remote to run this new tv.  I couldn't figure it out.  I tried everything.  My male pride, not withstanding, I gave up and called the cable company because it was their equipment.

After about a half hour on the phone with the tech gal at the office, we gave up and called a supervisor techie fellow in the back office of the company.  She dropped off the line, and he started all over again trying to program the remote by giving me instructions.  After another 20 minutes he failed too.  The ending decision is that they are mailing another remote of a newer design to match the newer tv.

Once I hung up with the folks at the cable office, I continued to mess with the remote and I think I found the code to enter and make it work.    But what the heck, I got a new remote coming now so  I didn't call them back.

Tomorrow is another day in the basement with the dry wall craftsmen.  And they come at exactly 8 AM so I need to sign off for now.

Retired Rod


  1. That's the worse part of any new electronic device is programming it. One of these days I will be biting the bullet and getting another hd set for the fiver to replace the one in the entertainment center. Looks like you got a great deal. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. You got a great deal on that TV, Rod! Dynex is a Best Buy brand name but the TV is made by LG. LG has been making good computer monitors for quite a while.

    Along with Libya news on Twitter, I also found out that the White House Mess lunch special today was '5 Bean Soup'.


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