Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Doggy you haven't met!

Since Rod posted twice yesterday, I thought I would introduce myself!


I'm Sammy, and I live over at Rod's oldest son's house and take care of all the Kids that live there....

Let's see there is Chris my daddy, and Melissa my mommy, and Claire and Abby my bestest pals.....

I go camping with them in our travel trailer almost every weekend.   We go to a lot of lakes in the Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri area, and I guard the trailer all weekend.  But you have to come pull my tail or something to get me very riled up......

Anyway, glad to meet you!!



  1. Hi Sammmy, your a handsome young man and it looks like you enjoy your job as protector of the roost, Our boy Rigg's sends you a woof. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Scooter and Skittlez said to tell you hi. You sure are a pretty dog. Glad to meet you and welcome to Blogland.

  3. Hi Sammy, you are indeed a good looking young man! Molly and Rylie send a friendly 'bark' and say they would love to meet you.


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