Friday, August 26, 2011

No internet?

Another screw up the last time we were at the lake, occurred when I forgot to pack up the air card as we were leaving.  I should really use a check list as we depart these places.  So, as we plan to take a little weekend jaunt for a Kansas Lake to our West, there is no air card to go along.

But if I remember correctly, Verizon doesn't have any signal at that local campground anyway.....  So with that said we may be out of reach for blog entries for a while.  So Mr blabber fingers here will just have to make do without internet!!!   Gasp!

Today was another paint until you drop day.  I managed to get the airless paint machine together correctly, and primed into a small bucket.  Once any water is out of the system, you stick the prime hose back into the supply bucket until the air is out of the system.

My adversary!  Mine isn't blue any more.

If you take the nozzle off of the gun, you can evacuate the air out of the main hose back into your supply bucket as well.  But..... you must do so with the trigger pulled so as not to build up pressure in the hose.  With pressure in the hose, you get quite a splatter when you open the trigger, even without the nozzle on the gun.   Then it is back to the sink to clean your glasses again.

By mid day, I was washing up the sprayer and changing from primer to color paint.  I did manage to put a finish coat on a couple of the smaller walls just to see how the color works out.

And of course the paint was supposed to match the color of the upstairs of the house.  But changing brands of paint did not allow for that.  The difference is quite marked, but there is no place where the two paints will be side by side so I just said what the heck and moved on.

Our weekend outing is only tentative based on my son's camper coming out of the repair facility tomorrow.  So we may go somewhere and maybe not.  It is supposed to be almost 100 degrees again so staying put here at the house may not be a bad option.

But if I stay home, then I will have to paint some more.........  better go!

Retired Rod


  1. I had to scrap my plan for a weekend at the Lake, now that school is in the parents have things planned for the Grandkid's and with Donna working Fri and Sat night, I figured to heck with it. Now if i had a fishin buddy it would be different. Or maybe a train shootin buddy to share the fuek costs. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Hope you manage to get away and far enough from that blasted paint machine to be safe! I'd definitely have paint all over me every time I turned that thing on, I just know it.

  3. Darn we will miss you. But I am with Rick on the fact that you might need a break from the paint game. I don't go near those mechanical beasts it is brush and roller for me, if and when we paint.

  4. I bought a paint sprayer as I thought it would be easier than painting the fence with a brush.

    It didn't go so well, either. Went to painting pad.... with a lot less clean up!

    Have a great trip, and Happy Tails and Trails.


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