Thursday, August 25, 2011

No more exploding paint!

I am glad that I can add some humor to your morning blog reading pleasure here in KC.   As I was reassembling the airless paint machine today, I was trying to understand what I had done wrong yesterday.  The only thing I can see, is that I must have cross threaded the paint gun hose.

With the treads crossed if felt like it had spun tight, but in fact it wasn't even on the threads.  So when I moved the prime lever over to the paint position, it just blew the hose off of the fitting.  When you start the motor, you are supposed to have the lever on prime.  The paint sucks up the draw hose into the machine, but then comes out of a prime hose at lower pressure into a catch bucket.  Once the machine is primed, you move the lever to the paint position.  That directs the pressure into the gun hose.  That's when it exploded off of the front of the machine, right into my face.

The sprayer delivers 3,000 pounds per square inches of pressure, so it could have really caused a problem for me, but I had the pressure set back on prime like the DVD told me to.  And yes the paint is white so I was cleaning the goop out of my hair and glasses late last night.

Today went a lot better, as I got the machine set up and made certain that all hoses were infact on the machine correctly.  Painting is so boring, but the sprayer makes it move along at a better pace.  I still have a lot more of the room to finish with primer but it is over half way done.  But then I have to do the finish coat which will start the process over again.

Most of my morning was spent in my wife's sewing craft room since we had the dry wall repaired from a water leak in the roof.  Most of that painting was done with a brush and bucket.  I primed it with the Kilz product and then painted the ceiling over with color to match.  That was sloooooow going and over my head.

Not an exciting day but the clean up went quicker tonight..........LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. That paint machine sounds a bit complicated for me - I'd better stick to a brush and bucket or I'd end up like you were yesterday!

    Good luck with the rest of the job.


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