Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boy these guys are ready to go...

And the dry wall folks were here right at 8 AM just like they promised.........   At least Loyce was up drinking her gigantic cup of Joe by the time they knocked.  I had made it to the shower...............

They spread mud on the walls again for most of the day, until mid afternoon.  I kind of floated in and out of the rooms as the job progressed.  I am amazed at how fast the work gets done as compared to my poor skills at this trade.  It is truly an art to spread the mud and have it come out smooth.

We set up two fans to dry out the thicker layers of compound that they applied today, and it should be hard like a rock when they return on Monday.  I am told that they will apply a finish coat then, and sanding will start on Tuesday.  That is the dusty part, and we are not looking forward to the cleanup after that.

This afternoon turned into another Doctors visit for me, and wiped out the rest of the entire day.  Nothing but computer time catching up on all the blogs after that.

Oh, and at Rick's suggestion, I have signed up for Twitter!  Not that I have anything to tweet about, but more to select news and information sites to follow.  It is more like headline news and information when you click on the bookmark.  I'm sure I will stay a lurker for now, but sometimes I just have to make a comment on some of the stuff........  Never could keep my mouth shut like I should....

Retired Rod


  1. Making progress. That's a good thing.

  2. You're right about spreading mud being an art. I'm always amazed at how easily these guys do when I end up with mud plastered mostly on me!!

    Like you are doing, I use Twitter for quick, concise headline news. Just for fun, I follow a few of the White House reporters (Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper) and learn interesting tidbits like what's on the lunch menu at the White House Mess each day!!


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