Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cold in Canada?

I know why I am not Canadian.........  Brenda up in Alberta is talking about 7 C and rain in the morning..........Yikes......  For the rest of us down here in the lower 48, that is 45 degrees in mid August!

And then I just read Al from Bayfield, and he was talking about wearing his boots out in the morning to go search for dew drenched spider webs.........  It was wet around here this morning too, but it was because it was raining as a thunder storm passed directly thru the KC area.  But it was still in the 70s as the sun came up.

This afternoon I was out on the black motor scooter over at Sam's Club looking for cheap medicine.  As I was filling the bike up at the pumps I felt kind of chilled.  I had my rip stop jacket on, but it is see thru fabric for the summer.  So I looked at the temp on the bike dash, and it said 86.  And I was chilled as I was riding?  That's what too many days over 100 will do for you.

So while Canadians are writing about the change in the season arriving, it hasn't happened around here yet.  We are just now realizing that it isn't above 90 in the middle of the afternoon.  And that is a welcome relief for now.

I should have gone out and started that mowing job this afternoon, but I wimped out since the ground was still quite wet from the all morning rain.   Maybe tomorrow.......   but then they are calling for more rain.........  Ah the dog days of summer.........

Retired Rod

And no I didn't take the camera with me........  Maybe when Al starts carrying his cell phone!!! LOL


  1. I think the only way I will ever be able to remember to carry a cell phone is to have it surgically implanted on the side of my head:))

  2. It was much warmer in central Canada, Rod. Only Alberta was cold. This morning was 14C or 57F and yesterday actually turned into about 30C 86F with the forecast for today being 28C or 82F so it's not exactly cold here yet although we definitely see the change and for me, it's for the better. I can't take that hot, humid air.

  3. 38 degrees here in Montana this morning!

  4. We actually turned the heat on in the RV this morning here in Billings, MT. Not as cold as where Janna and Mike are, but still chilly. However, up into the upper 80's by this afternoon. Not fall yet for us.

  5. Still pretty nice and warm here in this part of Canada. It was 75F today and will probably go down to 55F overnight. We seem to be in this normal summer pattern finally.


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