Tuesday, August 2, 2011

North to South Dakota

The Onawa, Iowa campground along the flooded Missouri river was a nice place, and they were working hard to repair the flooding damage that they suffered earlier this summer.  We had a pleasant stay, but it was soooo humid there.  As the night fell, the moisture was all over everything.

Our front windshield looked as though it was raining outside, as it had a heavy film of fog on it that mixed into the smooshed bugs.  Bug innards were sagging down the glass.  Uck!

So this morning it was out with the bucket and pole brush to scrub up the front of the coach.  Still humid, I perspired a river in the morning sun.  The day was off to another hot start.

As we were leaving the park, it was almost 90.   We pressed North on I 29 to Sioux City.  The traffic around there is always jammed and today was just like always.  As we passed several of the hotel properties along the river, we saw huge sand bag dikes around some of them, which were holding back the river.  One property North of downtown was like an island out in the middle of the river.  You could see street lights and stop signs on the submerged roads in the area but it is still completely under water.

Once in South Dakota, we left the side of the river and headed straight North to Sioux Falls.  Loyce wanted a Wal Mart stop, so we plugged that into the GPS.  As I parked in the packed Wally World lot we had 97 as a temperature.  With the  generator and both airs running,  we just stayed there eating lunch and deciding what we were going to do next.  I walked a block to a Wendy's and the wind was gusting from the South and burned as it hit my face.

But by about 2PM we were headed for I 90 West.  I had gone online and made a reservation for the KOA in Mitchell.  As we drove here the temps went higher and higher.  As I made the corner into the camp, the thermometer hit 105. My shoes sizzled as I walked across the gravel parking lot to the camp store.  So much for my idea to go North and get away from the heat!

Once on shore power, we huddled under the ACs for the rest of the afternoon.  With both of them running, it was about 85 in the coach.  With the addition of our fan and some cool drinks we made it thru.

Tonight we are to have a big cool down, and perhaps some thunderstorms with wind by early morning.  That will be different...........

Retired Rod


  1. Here at home in Montana we had a high of about 70 degrees yesterday. The coastal areas of Oregon and Washington are cool too! Come on over!

  2. I agree with Janna - here in MT it is going to warm up again but we're only supposed to be around 90 for the next week. And the nights do cool down with mostly low humidity. But regardless - I am soo ready for September and cooler (not cold) weather.


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