Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sanding and painting

The sanders showed up this morning, but it was more like 10:30 when they got here.  Only one of them spoke English, and he was broken.  That never makes me feel too comfortable, so I hung right down there with them as they did their work.

I busied myself with a broom sweeping up the powder as they finished an area.  Of course the air was white and thick with the dust, so my sweeping was mostly a waste of time, but after about an hour and a half, they just walked out.  Not even so much as a good bye.  Just gone.

So once they had left, I began to clean up in earnest.  And the dust settled as I swept.  Took another hour or more and several shovels full of dust in the garbage bin.  But eventually it was back to somewhat acceptable.

So I went to Lowe's and purchased a airless paint sprayer and 10 gallons of Kilz primer paint.  I drug that all down to the basement and set it up.  Had to watch the DVD that came with the sprayer, and thought I understood how to get it going.

Well, not exactly, because I must have not gotten one of the hoses on correctly, because as I was sucking up paint out of the 5 gallon bucket, the hose under pressure blew off suddenly.  I had to put my hand over the squirting paint while turning the pump off.  I was covered from head to foot.  So was the new machine.

I did manage to paint the new office/bedroom and a couple of walls in the main room, but mostly I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the paint off of the machine and myself.  Amazing how just a small amount of paint sprayed under pressure can cover everything.

And it is Kilz which adhears like glue.  I am still trying to get it off of myself.  It doesn't wash off even with a stiff brush.  My skin doesn't take too much of that stiff brush business.

So perhaps tomorrow things will dry up from all the water I had to use to clean up the room, and maybe I will get it put together right the first time and get on with the paint job.  LOL  Because of the sanding on the new dry wall, you have to back roll all of the paint with a roller and handle after you spray the wall.  So it is slow going even though you are using power equipment.

Surely I can do a little painting by myself with out hiring it out, but it didn't look like it today........

Retired Rod


  1. omg I am sorry but that is so funny, what a day you had. Hope tomorrow is a better one.

  2. Sure hope the primer was white so we'll know you when we meet you.Funny, for us, not you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. When you're done there, I have a house that needs painting! LOL

  4. I'm really sorry, but picturing you and the machine covered with paint was so funny. Thanks for the morning chuckle. Hope it goes a little more smoothly today.

  5. Like everyone else I got a little chuckle out of your misfortune. And as you say in the last line, you might have been a little "surly", and I can't say as I blame you.

  6. Drywall dust, then paint sprayed over the top! You must have been some mess!

    About the only thing funnier would be taking off the black tank sewer cap without connecting the hose first!!

    Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh!

  7. Probably not funny at the time, but we can sure picture it! I think we have all been there, and usually yelling at our spouses as whatever liquid is spewing around! "turn it off! turn it off! "


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