Saturday, August 6, 2011

More of the Black Hills

We decided that even though we were in Mt Rushmore, we needed to see Deadwood.  So we drove all the way back up there to see the town.  We hung around for a while but didn't find any stores we were too interested in.  Some of the saloons have names from the past like Hickok's  here on the right of this picture.

Deadwood's main street

Its a modern town today.

Not a ruthless desperado in sight

Unless its all the motorcyclists on the other side of the street
Deadwood is right across the interstate from Sturgis and since we are several days before the big biker rally, we decided to go check out the town as well.

My pictures were taken thru the windshield of the CRV so they have reflection from the afternoon sun but the idea of the place is still the same.

Stand along the highway

On Main street headed West

This will be closed to traffic when the Rally opens on Monday

Stands selling biker stuff on every corner

The Liquor store had that big bottle of Jack on top

I turned around and came back to the East

Pictures are better without the sun on the windshield

Need a tattoo or body piercing?

The area where the bikers congregate is about eight blocks long
Most of the curbs were lined with bikes  in all of the pictures, but when the rally is on cars will not be allowed down mainstreet, and bikes will be parked in the center of the street in double rows as well.  People will be shoulder to shoulder for the entire center of town.  If you like crowds........

They were still setting up many of the booths along the highway, and many of the stores are bike related and seemed to be operated mostly during the event.  I wonder what the daily requirement for body piercing is in December?

This is the rest of Thursday's activities, but with so many pictures, it will tax the park wifi.  So I had better quit right here and see if it will upload.  Tomorrow we will have pictures from the Custer State Park, and no discussion of motorcycles.  But there are thousands of them here so it is impossible to take a picture that doesn't include one somewhere!

Retired Rod


  1. You were lucky to get in & out of Sturgis before all the bikes rolled in. Never did have an urge to go there. Just waaaaaay too many people for me. I have a very short memory of Deadwood. It was night, we were partially lost & I remember driving through Deadwood coming from somewhere heading for somewhere else.

  2. We were in that area around the time of the Sturgis Bike Rally in 2007. I think it was just before, like you, and there were tens of thousands of bikes everywhere. It really must be something to see when it actually begins - must be pretty noisy!


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