Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Breakfast and a Scooter Trip!

I'm not sure where today went, but it got away just the same.  We had the big family breakfast that didn't get started very early as we were all sleepy heads.  Except for the kids, but they were parked in front of the downstairs TV and Saturday cartoons.

Once the day was fully warm outside, the grands all headed for the dock and swimming.  Or perhaps a day of jumping in on top of each other.  I'm not overly sure that they actually swim much other than back over to the ladder to get out and jump in again.  I would tire fairly quickly of this routine, but then I am somewhat older than 9 years old.

So Grandpa decided that he needed an extended scooter ride.  We have the Red Kymco People 200 bike here at the lake place, so I headed out on it riding North thru the back country.  Not a car in sight on that road, so I just poked along about 40 or so.  The Missouri foliage is quite overgrown now, and it is hard to see very far back into many of the places along the road.  Mostly it just seems like a forested road now.

I was enjoying the ride just the same, and eventually reached the little town of Eldon.  This is on the main highway, and has the usual trappings, McDonalds, and Wal Mart along with several gas stations.  But just for kicks I went downtown to the old central business district.  And like all little towns the stores were mostly empty. But I did see an abundance of second hand stores.  I didn't get off and do any browsing.

Essentially I just rode back to the lake place, but on a slightly different road.  There was more traffic on this highway, and I had to keep up with the cars a little better.  So that runs the scoot mostly at about full out to go 60 miles an hour.  But since it doesn't get ridden all that much anymore, it is probably good for it to run the cobs out once and a while.

I got back in time to see Ben and Danielle and the kids off for Kansas City.  They had been here for a week, and it took them a while to get all packed up.  It seems sooooo quiet here now that they have left.  Grandma and I don't make much noise, and Biscuit whined all the rest of the afternoon since her playmates were now gone.

We did go into town for a while tonight, and Biscuit was good company as we waited in the truck for the head shopper to go into the stores she missed yesterday. Another good day at the lake!!!

Retired Rod


  1. We had the same quiet this weekend at out place but Nicole is coming home this afternoon and then Grandpa is going to take her to Wal Mart for her birthday present,A new Bike. Her birthday is Thursday, but I want to have some riding time before school starts. , she outgrew the one she had and I saw a really neat pink and white girls 20 inch last time I was in Walmart with a basket on the front and all.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Love those late morning breakfasts. Best way ever to get your day going.

  3. I can only imagine how much fun and attention Biscuit must get when all the grandkids are around. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!


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