Friday, October 7, 2011

Some explaining and the plumber.

Well I can see that I have been quite protective of the type of surgery that I have had and that causes some misconceptions.  Since this is totally surgery on my male parts, I have been reluctant to explain the process under the guise of too much information.

But since it was all cancerous, it all had to come out.  So down there is mostly not there any more.  So because of that , I can't just sit around in the recliner for hours on end.  I have been told by the Doctors that I need to get up and move around.  Even if it hurts like heck.  Sitting on the surgery hurts like heck too.

So I accompany my wife to the basement on the cleaning mission that was mostly all her.  I managed to dig out an old office chair and ride it around while she worked.  Yes I did stir up a bucket of paint and painted the mop board behind the toilet which is about two feet long by 5 inches wide.  I actually got down on the floor to do that, but it was ever so slowly.

Loyce is an RN and she was right there with me giving me heck all the way, but we both know I have to move and can not just sit in the recliner.

Today, the young plumber's assistant was on our door at 8:30 and began hooking all the stuff up.  Of course he didn't like many of the fittings that the Home Depot boys sold me for the task.  I have a big pile of returns now.  I mostly rode the office chair while he worked on each item in turn.

He assembled the shower drain and then installed the faucet and shower head.  Next he was under the vanity sink and glued it down on the top of the wooden vanity.  We had purchased Moen faucets, and he seemed to like that brand as it went together quickly in his hands.  Once the drain was connected he tested the water, and yes the hot was on the left side.  He laughed that it was easier now since water pipes are now red and blue, instead of all white.

We installed a bar sink in the counter top at the end of the room, and it was in the larger kitchen style cabinets, but he came back from the truck with a few additional plastic pipes, and that water ran soon after.

Finally it was the toilet's turn, and this took a bit more time as the flange had to be mounted in the tile and concrete of the basement floor.  He had a big hammer drill and installed concrete plugs into the floor.  Again the Home Depot boys sold me the thick bees wax explaining that the one that comes with the toilet wasn't up to the task.  The plumber disagreed saying that the flange was on top of the floor and it was actually the correct item for the task.  Another part for the take back pile.

I purchased a Kohler power flush toilet, and the plumber really liked that product, claiming it to be the best one in the whole house.   So before noon, the entire water part of the project was done.  And as promised, I never had a single tool in my hand.

So after about an hour, I jumped in the car and went to my barber shop for a haircut.  Again, I am really hobbled, so everyone had to know what the heck happened to me.  I was quite uncomfortable in the waiting chairs, but braved on thru it.  I was glad when I got back here to the house.

As I returned there was a Quisno's Sub sandwich that jumped into the car, or I went in and got it.

So I continue to get stronger, but don't dare push it or I will pay........

Retired Rod


  1. Well keep following the rules, whatever they are, and we'll look forward to seeing you somewhere warm this winter.

  2. Hang in there Rod and things will get better. I had surgery yesterday and feel for you, but my surgery wasn't as bad as yours seems. Oh the joys of growing old. LOL

  3. Okay, guess I won't yell at you tonight since the doc told you to move around and Loyce was close by. We just worry about our blogging friends. Sounds like you are moving quite well even through the pain. Just don't overdo. Alright, I can't help it. I have to nag a little bit.

  4. It sounds like you never had a tool in your hand but did a good day's work. Supervising can be rough. I guess the best thing you can do is to keep moving.

  5. Glad your doing better and yes, supervising can be harder than doing the work yourself sometimes...especially if you think the worker is not doing it right.....Take care...

  6. Trust me, we all know that getting older isn't that much fun some times. But, hang in there, and there will be lots of good times ahead.


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