Friday, February 1, 2008

Day by day

We got up today and couldn't come up with any plans. Just to do all the day by day stuff. Water the dog and go to the bath house. Make breakfast. check the weather report.

Weather report for today calls for wind and more wind. Gusts from the NW of 30 to 35. So the awning that we put out yesterday, needed to be taken down. No big deal just a reverse of putting it all up. Wish we could sit out under it more, but the wind will mess it all up. So down it came.

It wasn't away for more than ten minutes, and here came the wind. Not all at once, but over about 30 minutes it came rushing in. So we decided to go to McAllen. We had prescriptions that needed to be filled and we have used K-Mart pharmacy for years, starting in Des Moines so the closest store that I knew of was in McAllen. There are no doubt more here in the Valley but I just do not know about them.

As it turned out I didn't really know about the McAllen store either, as we drove for about 15 minutes looking for what I thought I knew all about. I hate it when that happens. Loyce was graceful about the extra travel, because she couldn't remember where the store was either.

We got there just in time for the pharmacy to close for the lunch hour. So we waited. As I was sitting in the car talking to number one son on the cell phone, I noticed a large number of folks going into a store or restaurant out by the frontage road. A buffet. Many of the cars had Mexican plates. People from Mexico that were shopping in the US thought this was the place to have their US dinner. Better check this out.

The place was called Furr Buffet. It was much like a Ryans with food bars in the center of the room and a waiter that gets your drinks and rolls and coffee. You go thru the food lines at each table and the waiter clears the table each time you leave to get something else.

Loyce got her fried chicken fix and I had Mexican ground beef on quesadillas and some baked fish. We ate way too much! But it hit the spot. I made a large green salad with all the good stuff, including things I don't need like cheese and bacon bits.

As a diabetic, the desert bar is off limits for me, so I just had more salad, oh and one cookie that somehow made it onto my plate. Not like a big piece of pie and ice cream or anything.

After further shopping at the dollar store and wal-mart, we came back to the trailer. It was 78 or so on the dash of the Pickup. Wind still blowing a gale.

We stayed close by and read the computer blogs and things that I follow on most days.

We are going down to the low 40's this evening so as I post this , we will see just how cold we will get tonight. It is still January, and even though it is mid 70;s in the day, it is entirely possible that it will be mid 30's by 4AM. At one AM we have reached 46 but I was out to go to the bath house one more time and it really didn't feel cold at all. Wind is down to 6MPH.

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