Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another busy day

I see it is after midnight as I start to write about what was now, yesterday. And a very busy day.

I started the day by going with my younger son Ben, on a real estate tour. He is a realtor, and on certain days does tours of all the houses, available for sale in a certain area of town. We have a nicer area of Southern Kansas City, on the Kansas side of the border, by the name of Leawood.

Today or I mean yesterday now, was $450 to 500K houses in Leawood. Or more like how the other half lives. Most of the houses were unoccupied, but some were listed for sale, and occupied by their owners. They of course require an appointment, which we had. So off we went.

Reviewing all of what we saw was beyond the scope of this blog as we toured about a dozen homes. It is fun to see the many decorating themes, of the more expensive homes. Folks spend a lot of money on their living quarters. And some of the stuff you wouldn't give house room. But remember, we were supposed to be looking at the home itself and not the decor.

Sometimes it is hard to separate the two.

By mid afternoon we found ourselves back in the town on the Missouri side where the older brother has the car lot. So we went to the local Mexican restaurant, where we ate chips and salsa. Oh and a Chimichanga or two also. This is an old Pizza Hut that is now painted in Mexican colors, and has the most authentic food since I left Progresso Nuevo.

They make the exact same Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, that I was ordering down there.

After the lunch, I transferred from Riding with Ben, to going with Chris. He has purchased a used Toyota Prius, which is quite a find. There are waiting lists for the new ones and they are in demand all over the country. For various reasons, he managed to talk the local Toyota dealer out of this used one. Now he has to clean it up and get it ready for sale.

We traveled back North to the airport area, where I went to see the car, yesterday. This time with both of us in one car as Chris drove the Prius back to the lot.

After returning home, it was Ham Radio Club night, and I was late getting to the local church for the meeting. We had an informative get together, and adjourned to the God Fathers Pizza parlor for the after meeting, meeting. Or the annex meeting as they like to call it.

I do not know what they like to talk about for so long, but it was almost midnight when I got home. Maybe I did a lot of talking too. The day has been over 13 hours since I left this morning.

Man this retirement thing is worse than working!

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