Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctors Office

I never like going to the Doctors office. They ask all kinds of questions that can't be printed in this blog. And they want a pint of blood each time. Well maybe not a pint, but it seems like it took forever to get a couple of test tubes full.

So getting up and going in without any breakfast was a pain. The appointment was at 9, and I had to go without eating before hand. But then 9 stretches to 10, as they put you in the little room and just forget you are there.

Even though all is well with everything, they feel obliged to change the medicines you take all around. So tonight I do not know what new prescriptions will be faxed to the mail order house to be filled. Or how much any of it will cost. Its just out of my hands, completely.

Maybe that is the part that is disconcerting, it is out of my control. So I will have to wait about a week to see what new prescriptions are mailed to me. And then understand the dosing instructions written on the bottles.

When I returned home, Chris called and wanted me to go look at a car up in the North part of Kansas City. A dealership up by the Airport. Its about 30 miles each way to get there. Once there, I took pictures of the vehicle and brought them back to his computer. He has since agreed to purchase the car.

Sure hope I didn't miss something obviously wrong! That would be bad!

So I sit here tonight, wondering how the labs will turn out from the Doctor. You really do not want them to call you, since that would be only if something is really wrong. And different pills may cause things to go wrong, when they are OK now. Its not fun being diabetic.

Did not work on the Tax Return again today. Man I am bad about that. Just hate it so much, that I can't seem to bring myself to finish the thing.

So I sit here reading everyones blogs, and contemplating if we will ever be able to go back on the road.

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