Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was right! The lake is too full. The spillway is open. At least three and maybe four gates are open and running water over the dam.

This is an old fashioned dam that has the spillway right on top of the dam. It is held back by eight giant gates that are lifted by large cranes. The cranes ride on railroad tracks back and forth across the top of the dam. They open the gates over the generators, with the Northern most crane. The Southern crane is used for the spillway doors.

I have never been present when they were opening the gates, so I can not report how that process works. We went into town over the US Highway that is about 3 miles down stream. But as we crossed the river, you could see the water was up significantly and running fast. Peering back at the dam, confirmed the gates were open.

When we returned from town, we went over the dam road and got our windshield wet from the over spray of the falling water. When you drive over the dam, it is completely impossible to see the gates and the waterfall, as it is right under you.

We bought our travel trailer here in Lake Ozark, well, two towns South of here in Linn Creek. The seat back of the breakfast nook, has pulled away from the wall and is loose. So since it is under warranty, we went there to discuss the problem today. I didn't have an appointment, so I need to bring the trailer in in two weeks. And then the only reason they will work me in, is because I bought it there.

Its spring and everyone wants stuff fixed now! So we began to look at fifth wheels. They have a massive inventory of them. Several brands. They have the Keystone stuff and the Jayco stuff, and another brand that I didn't attach a builder to, but they were cheaper. And then they have Carriage.

Carriage makes four levels and they had three of them. Man this place has a bunch of trailers. Now mind you our Jayco is not even a year old, so trading it in would be financial disaster. But I've done dumber things before, so we looked at the new ones.

This can get pricey really quick. It seems that 33 to 36 feet is the norm here, and the weight is about 15K or more. That means a new truck as well. Oh my what am I looking at theses for?

I didn't bother to get a brochure, and came home quickly, but the damage is done. We'll have to sleep on that thought for several nights, before we could commit to such a path. We need to decide what we would be doing with the unit, rather than letting it sit for weeks on end.

So as I sit here looking at the dam from the full side, I can't see the water mist, because it is three miles away. But not much of the concrete wall is visable, just the road railing. We are full, but only half the gates are open. You can bet they think they need the level down, as the spring rains have only begun.

April showers bring May flowers, but we have no where to store those showers....

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