Monday, April 14, 2008

From the Lake

If you look at the picture that is at the top of the blog, your are looking at the view from my easy chair. And I can sit here and waste the day looking out over the lake.

The difference in that picture and today is the level of the lake. As you look down to the waters edge next to the docks, you will see bare ground. Or lake bottom that is not covered with water. Today the water is back up to the sea wall and the lake bottom is no longer exposed.

The AmerenUE folks regulate the lake level by using the water to generate electricity. The generators are very old. The dam was built in the mid 1930's and technology has long since passed this facility by. They maintain the dam and generate all they can to provide money, for overall upkeep. I often wonder if it is worth it now days.

So in the winter they use as much water as is possible to make electricity. The lake becomes very low. The feet on the bottom of my floating dock will settle into the mud. The lake bottom is mostly gravel so the feet sit upon the bottom and do not dig in. At that point you hold your breath, that the draw down is almost over. The dock will break itself in half from its own weight, should the water go too low.

Today the water is back up on the sea wall. We have had flooding conditions in South East Missouri, for the last several weeks. We are full, but not overflowing. This is too quick in the spring to be full, so I'll bet the generators are running full time. Should April and May prove to be excessively wet, the spillway doors will need to be opened.

AmerenUE does not like to do that as they are loosing water that could be used to generate funds. Ooops I mean electricity.

And the tree is down. It was up by the road but fell between the houses. It ripped my wire antenna for the HF rig right out by the roots. It is on the ground under the remaining part of the tree.

The neighbor cut the stump up and drug it up the hill. Took his truck and threw it in a ravine somewhere. No I didn't ask where. He cut the trunk into chunks but just left them where they fell. His fireplace is gas, and he doesn't want the wood.

Now he thinks the tree was mine, and it was, "on the lot line." Since he quickly removed the stump, there is no way to say whose tree it is now. He can't carry the logs up, and neither can I. The hill is about 60 degrees steep, and is beyond even standing upright. when it comes to paying to have someone come and remove the remains, the tree will be all mine. Or the bill anyway.

Because the neighbor lives here full time, he is naturally one step ahead of us. There is a second bigger tree that is dead, and clearly on my side of the property line. The neighbor wants that removed as well, but again the bill is all mine. I think I see the pattern.

We are sitting and discussing our options. Seems like pay now and pay later.

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