Monday, April 28, 2008

Prius Delivered, RV to Lake Ozark

At about 9 AM the Toyota was delivered to the car lot. Or should I say the warehouse. I haven't really clarified the fact that we do not have an actual parking lot style used car lot. No nothing like that. Its a warehouse! With an office in the front.

We have two large garage doors on the back of the building and at least 2000 square feet of concrete floor. The facility is one large room with mercury vapor style lighting and red iron building supports. It is insulated and heated.

So you can't drive by and see the cars with, 05 or SALE, in the window. We primarily are focusing on the internet to advertise the cars for sale. Like and We are relying that most folks do not go driving around to shop for a car. Not with gas at $3.50. So if they do not find it on the internet, they just do not know we have it. We have many lots all around us and for the most part they seem to be customer poor. Desolate parking lots, with the same vehicles that haven't moved in weeks.

We have been parking one car out by the mail boxes with a for sale sign in the window. Generally a lower priced car, as that is the demographic of the Belton, Mo area. Right now it is a Honda Oddesy that seems to be too expensive for every one that calls about it.

It is cheaper than the other vans in the listings so it should go one of these days. Or maybe not.

I am at the lake place tonight as I have an appointment to take the RV in tomorrow. We purchased the Travel Trailer here in the lake area at Quality RV. We have an issue with the seat back of the dinette. So they are going to look at it.

I left the KC area about 4 PM and arrived here about 8PM. I didn't drive very fast, pulling the RV, while coming down here. Gas is high enough without pushing it. Just rolled along on the back roads at 50 to 55. It is mostly narrow roads, but I often use more than my share of the road when towing, except when meeting another vehicle. Many of the bridges are single lane, with yield to oncoming traffic signs.

Since the truck and the trailer are much too large to get down the steep hill behind the lake house, they are parked about a quarter mile back up the street. This is our housing association sewer plant lot. I cleared this with the builder on the phone, before blocking the drive way. He said that no one is using the lot right now. Just go ahead and use it like you own it.

I am all by myself here in the house, and it is quite quiet. Deathly still. And cold. Forecast low here tonight is 33. So I buckled under and started the heat.

I will see what there is to learn about the broken seat in the morning. Wish me luck in convincing them to fix it under warranty......

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