Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We brought home two!

I was up at dawn which is still only 6 AM here in the Midwest. But my son came at about 8 to get me. We car pool up taking only one car with the idea that we will have to drive something additional home.

After some breakfast at the local Quicktrip, and 5 gallons of gas in the Prius, we were off to battle the traffic to the Northeast corner of KC. By the way, that is the first gas we put into the Prius since I purchased 7 gallons in Des Moines last Saturday. We didn't fill it up, so we couldn't calculate the mileage.

Needless to say, it does remarkably well on mileage. Somewhere around 50 in all around driving. Unbelievable!

We arrived about 9AM and got our bidder badges. You put your ID card into a machine that reads it and assigns a bidder number. It prints a number tag on sticky back paper to stick on your shirt. No bidder badge, no entry into the auction floor.

It seemed as though it was over almost before it started. I took car number three in auction lane 7 and Chris took number three in lane 1. Bang Bang.

That was what we were after, and it spent the money we planned to spend. A half hour into it and we were done. We spent the rest of the morning driving the first new car back to the garage, and then the second back. It is about 30 miles each time so we saw lots of highway.

We got a 2008 Toyota Corolla and a 2008 Nissan Altima, both nice cars with about 20K miles on them. The Corolla is black and the Altima is midnight blue. The blue is really sharp.

We spent the rest of the day delivering cars to local repair shops and picking up a title in the very Northwest part of the city, out by the airport. In short, we drove all over heck. Gas crunch? What gas crunch?

I think I will stay home tomorrow! But it was fun to get over to the place and be successful in our endeavors.

On another note, we still have not seen the sprinkler man to start our installation of the watering system. In all fairness, it has rained a lot and he has not been able to work on new systems as much as he would like. But we are becoming restless. Our yard looks like the dickens since we are all marked up with the buried pipe markings and flags and are not able to mow anything.

So tomorrow, we will get the mower out and mow around the flags as well as possible. Perhaps poison some dandelions and such. Can't wait forever.

It has been a long time since 6 AM so I will end this here and crash for the day.


  1. To quote one of my drillers: The place looks like the UN, every color flag everywhere.


  2. Hi Roland

    Yes we have more flags than the national cemetery. Still no workers!



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