Monday, April 7, 2008

Kansas is National Basketball Champ

From seemingly loosing in the late second half, Kansas survived by fouling the Memphis team repeatedly in the last minutes. Memphis shot poorly at the line, and a last second three point shot from Kansas, tied the game.

In overtime, the Jayhawks never looked back. And again the town erupted into fireworks. There does not seem to be as many parties tonight. Its the work week and everyone is headed into the office tomorrow. Gotta cool it. But this is a happy town tonight.

Most of you know that we are from Iowa and really never rooted for Kansas, but it is easy to get caught up in their success, when you live among so many of their graduates. We are very happy for the school and its students and alumni.

I had a down kind of day yesterday as I didn't feel all that well. Seems as though I catch a hacky cough from the grandkids, when I spend time with them. It is my lack of immunity from the diabetes, more than anything the kids do. They do attend school and carry many more bugs than we adults seem to. And I am really sensitive to it.

I did go with Chris over to the Adessa auction, this afternoon. We looked over this weeks crop of cars coming off of the lease programs. Chrysler has hundreds of lease program cars there, and it seemed as though half of those were Jeep Libertys. They will go for good prices as there are so many of them. Can't possibly be that many buyers. Especially since a Liberty's gas mileage isn't so great.

We didn't see anything that we couldn't live without. Sales of cars are really slow right now, and the new manufactures have all kinds of programs on to assist in new car sales, so used becomes even slower.

Other than spending about an hour on the phone trying to get a Doctors appointment for this week, that was my day. There's another big boom in the sky. The natives are restless tonight.

Hope you enjoyed the game....

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