Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Night

Here it is late at night again. Where do these days go? I stonewalled the car lot today, and never went anywhere close to the place. It becomes overbearing when you are really not an employee, but rather just a helper.

Again we had the grand kids for the day and that stretched into the evening as both the son and daughter in law had to work late on a Friday night. As a realtor, there are no set hours, so my son can be called into the office, or go show something at almost any hour.

So when the customer just got off of work, thats the time you go to work.

I went to the ham club meeting and the pizza parlor, afterwords. The meeting tonight was put on by a highschool student as he explained the class project of a robot. They had six weeks to design and build the machine from scratch. Then it is entered into the locals, regionals and then the finals in Atlanta.

He had the whole presentation on his Apple notebook which was connected to the overhead projector. He did as good of job presenting the project as any of the adults could have. This kid will be an engineer, just as soon as he completes his high school and college. And that will only be a minor slow down in his progression.

So much fun to watch a young man develop into a major success. Now I get home and we are looking at a car to buy in Des Moines. This is becoming overwhelming! But I don't mind.

So in the middle of the night I am reading the blogs for the day and writing this one. I am looking forward to going to the Hamfest in West Des Moines on Sunday. Question becomes, will I be looking at cars in the area first. Better get off to bed just in case I'm on the road earlier, than I realize.....

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