Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired Tonight

Went to the repair facility at the RV lot and explained our problem. They were not too reassuring about how they would fix the problem. Seems the walls of the feather light unit are mostly foam board. And they do not hold screws or fasteners too well.

"We're going to have to call the factory, send pictures, get the representative out here." I heard all of these phrases at one time or another as he talked it through in his mind. "You'll have to leave it!" "It will take several days to get them to respond." Sounds like it will be warranty, anyway.

So I asked where he wanted it parked. Seemed as though there was a rig in the spot he had in mind. "Well , dump it right here." he said. Then he turned and walked away, and did not return.

Now that is the difference between this dealer and the one in Texas. They didn't even sell the unit to me, but they helped disconnect it from my truck. Almost to the point of doing the whole thing themselves. Here they just walk away, and let you do everything. So fine, I dumped it off the hitch and left.

After a three hour trip, I was back in KC. Time to go preview cars. We were out there for four hours. This becomes very much like work. Another 2,000 cars in the parking lot. But we picked some to try to buy. Hope it goes better than last week.

I'm killed as I sit here in the chair. We did have a good Bar B Que sandwich at Oden's BBQ, in Belton. We went thru the list, and choose the cars we liked, over the meal. We left the restaurant at about 9PM.

Tomorrow will be more challenge and fun. Come back and see how we did!

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