Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fireworks and Parties

Its 12:30 AM and the fireworks have subsided. The sirens are farther between wails. But the reality hasn't sunk in for most of the Jayhawks here in the Southern reaches of Kansas City. The news on channel 5 was nothing but the win. No other stories were reported.

We went to my son Ben's house for the big game. We had Hot Wings and Beef Burger made rites. The booze was mixing liberally. And the game began. We were amazed to see the Jayhawks streak to an opening lead that was 32 to 10 in the first 10 minutes.

We knew it wouldn't last after the halftime, and UNC came charging back, but somehow Kansas held them off. In the end it was North Carolina that ran out of gas. So Kansas won by 18 points.

I think I said in this very blog, that UNC seemed unsurmountable. But thats why we have to play the game. What team will show up on any particular night. Kansas definitely brought their "A" game tonight.

The real story was the numerous parties going in all the neighborhoods and the eruption of fireworks from back yards all over the town. For a state that does not allow the sale or possession of such contraband, it is amazing that the sky lit up madly right after the win.

Sirens of police cars, zoomed up and down the streets chasing bad guys and party goers. In Lawrence, the main street thru downtown was jammed with people, as the police must have cordoned off the cars.

The overall sentiment seemed to be one of payback for Roy Williams. Former Kansas coach, who left Lawrence for UNC after promising that he would never leave the Jayhawks. Yes they are bitter, that he dumped them. But he's got his payback now.

The Jayhawk faithful have struggled to right the ship, sailing thru mighty muddy waters. But they never seem to win the really big ones. So now they are in the final game, but Memphis overhauled UCLA. Is it possible that Kansas could win just one more? Again, which team will show up in San Antonio on Monday night?

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