Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Blogs Today

I went all day and didn't read a blog. Now thats a first. But all that means is I have to catch up later. But today was more of a day of rest from everything. I didn't go to the car lot until late afternoon,, and then only to take a few photos.

I did study the bid on the lawn sprinkler system in the morning, but came away without knowing any details about what I was purchasing. Essentially, the bid did not tell me much of anything about how many zones, or what kind of spray heads would be in the zones.

So I called and asked about what I might be getting. They said that they will lay out the coverage as they install the system, and that they guarantee total yard coverages when they are done. So how do they know that It will cost $4,600 bucks, if they do not even know how many zones or heads they are going to install?

I am to get a revised quote, and the fellow had me out counting the flags that he stuck in the yard. He didn't even write down what he had planned. Oh, and he usually takes pictures, but his camera had a dead battery.

But I am into this by three weeks now, and will get the installation in the next two weeks, so I hate to start over from scratch. Everyone is clamoring all over these folks, to get started now that it is not freezing at night. So just having the guy on board, with a commitment is significant.

As an accountant, I have a sense as to how a business should be operated. And the yard guys do not match the expectations I have. But then that is how they became yard guys. Ya I know, I am way too critical.

But just in case, I will come back and re read this, when we have to dig the whole works back out of the ground, because of poor planning.

Otherwise, I went to a Ford dealer today to look at the new super duties. They are no different than the one I was bidding on yesterday, but you would get to choose the options if purchased new. So I was learning about the options, and looking to see which dealer had what. I know I shouldn't be doing that, but then one of these days I'll be too old to go RVing.

So without resorting to a discussion of the pork chop dinner or the weather, (sunny and 60), thats our day here.

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