Thursday, April 3, 2008

Signed the Sprinkler Deal

The rewrite of the ongoing sprinkler proposal, doesn't add much clarity. I did receive an email that began to say what they intended to do. So I printed it out and labeled it as an addendum. Then I signed the whole mess.

Now the ball is in their court. If they come out before all the flags blow way from our yard, we will see how well they follow the plan. I did take pictures of the flags, just for our records.

So with that job complete, I headed to the car dealership. There is a bar bee que across the street from the office, and we have promised ourselves to try it. So today was rainy and cold, with not much on the agenda, which made it a bar bee que day.

The place is called Odem's, and is old wooden knotty pine like inside. The food was excellent. We just had beef and pork sandwiches, with fries. The meat was moist and came dry, which allowed us to add the Sauce.

When we didn't order their beans, which they considered signature, we got a complementary side because they wanted us to make sure we tried them. Good, with shreds of meat in them. Too much sweet for this diabetic.

We went to the auction later in the afternoon and picked up yet another car. This was an older Ford Taurus that is more of a junker, but it was cheap.

Actually, it is a fairly clean car but it has ooodles of mileage on it. It will make a runs good type of car for someone needing just basic transportation.

This evening has been a chill out type of night, with lots of computer time. Not much happening here but we didn't get any snow like the friends back in Iowa reported tonight on Skype.

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