Monday, April 21, 2008

Warm and Sunny

We hit 80 degrees on the back yard thermometer today! Yippie Skippie! It was nice to actually warm up for a while. We had that temperature in Texas several different days in February, but have not experienced it since.

But it is not to last. The forecast says it will rain off and on the rest of the week and never get that warm again. By Friday we will struggle to make 60. Boo Hiss! Can you tell I'm ready for it to warm up and stay that way?

We still have not seen hide nor hair of the sprinkler installer! Man its been two weeks since we gave him half of the money. He did eMail that we are the second job out on his schedule. And would be here in 3 to 6 working days if it didn't rain. Which is is supposed to do off and on for the rest of the week.

If it continues to rain then we really do not need to water the yard anyway, right? But we do need to mow the grass to make it even and fertilize. If they dig it right up after the fertilizer and week killer treatment, then that would be lost. So we just look like we have the worst yard on the block. With hundreds of flags all over the place marking the underground pipes and wires.

We were the head babysitter today, as the daughter in law started a new job this week. We will have two of the kids thru the first of the month. And then just the youngest girl after that. We will see how that goes, but it ties us to a work schedule more that I would like. Oh well, its the grand kids you know!

So that the happenings from her in KC.

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