Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hanging Close

They upped the price of gas another 12 cent on Tuesday, so we have to hang close to the house. Just going to the neighbourhood Wal-Mart is more than a mile each way. So us tight fisted senior citizens opt to stay home.

Well actually I worked on the Income Tax again today, looking for payments and deductions in the checkbook. But nowdays with online bill paying I review those records as well.

Since I do not like doing my own taxes, I get sidetracked easily and today was no exception. Once the car auction began at the local lot, I had to tune in to see what some of the beauties that I had driven yesterday would bring.

Basically if it is small and made in Japan or by an oriental car company, it is deemed to be good and sells for much more than its worth. Especially if it gets good gas mileage. Otherwise, used cars are very soft. The bigger and more gas inefficient they are the less they are worth.

So a 60K Cadillac SUV that is three years old, struggles to bring 12K. It would appear that all big cars will end up as salvage, before they loose their usefulness. I own a truck and two SUV's, so I should probably just throw them out.

But as RVers, we need a truck to pull the rig. And guess what, even at $4 a gallon, the big diesel pickups remain expensive. I struggle to understand.

All the utility companies are coming and marking our yard for their buried wires and pipes. We have paint lines all over our yard. So that must mean the sprinkler guys are coming. Maybe soon. But it still rains. And rains.

I thought this morning we were going to have a nice day, as the sun was out for breakfast. But I went out with the dog and quickly realized, it was only 40 out here. By noon the sun was gone, and the rain came back, late in the afternoon.

If the ground is wet and muddy, the sprinkler is for another day. Or several days later, after it dries out a bunch.

And the forecast is cold and rainy for the next three days. Even down to freezing on Sunday night. Burrr.

I know, its that darned global warming!

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