Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday at the Car Auction

Tuesday is the day that everyone goes and previews the cars that will be auctioned tomorrow morning. There were 1600 cars at the last count this afternoon, but more will show up before tomorrow.

There is no way that you can look at all of these vehicles. The task is like going and looking at all the cars in the Mall parking lot. You have to select the ones you are interested in looking at from a list and then go to that parking spot. Generally it is OK to drive the cars around the massive lot, to see how they drive.

So we will pick out an older car and use it to go look for other cars. Problem is that none of the cars have much gas in them. So the game is to find one that has enough gas as to not run out. We were driving a 1999 Camry this afternoon and it had a good heater.

Yes it was only 44 degrees out there and raining, with the wind blowing. Not too pleasant of an afternoon. This really becomes work after a while, as you are not looking at, or buying cars for yourself, but rather trying to second guess what someone else might like to buy. And it is expensive if you are wrong!

You cannot believe how pitted out some of the cars are, when they are traded in. People can really be pigs. Cars that are driven by women, can often smell of perfume and cosmetics. Folks that smoke heavily, leave an otherwise nice and clean vehicle unserviceable.

Other than the used car gig, we spent a quiet morning over breakfast and spent some time studying the internet this morning.

It rained last night during the Championship basketball game, and continued all night. This morning it looked as though it would end mid morning but that never happened.

The overcast and cold day messes with you spirit to accomplish much of anything.

We did have the gas company come and mark the buried gas line with paint and flags in the grass. So we are heading toward the sprinkler installation. But the rain will add days before it will be dry enough to begin.

Perhaps tomorrow will be nicer...

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