Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow We didn't get a thing!

We spent all day Tuesday looking at which cars to buy and all morning Wednesday bidding on the good ones, and didn't win a single auction. So most of the good cars we had, are sold and there are no new ones to get ready for next week.

Man who would of thought that would happen. Of course, you can buy all the 15 to 20 MPG cars that you want, for very reduced prices. That's because nobody wants them. SUV's and Pickups are available by the bucket load. All of the used lots are full of them. So they send them to the auction. Where they aren't worth anything, because no one else can sell them either.

So in my family, we have two SUV's and a pickup. They aren't worth a thing to trade in. Even though the pickup is an 07. But surprisingly enough, the diesel truck that I would need to pull a fifth wheel, is not that depressed in price. Seems that because most folks that buy a diesel one ton, have a specific job for that truck, that can't be done by anything else. So the demand for that, while somewhat soft, is still good enough to keep prices fairly high.


Loyce now has the four year old and the one year old grand daughters on a full time basis. They are coming over at 8 AM and staying the entire day. So our house is a full time daycare. Since I have been going to work every day at the car lot, I haven't been much, or any help. So she has been pooped out at night, when they go home. Ahhh retirement!

But tomorrow is another ham club meeting on Friday night, and I have another Hamfest up in the Des Moines area on Sunday. So we have many activities here to occupy our time. Loyce will not go with me on the ham activities, so perhaps she will nave some free time. We will not have much rocking chair time, but that is for when we get old right?

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