Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back in KC again

It is a common rule that the nicest day at the lake is always the day you have to go home. And today was no exception. It was 75 and sunny. But the wind was blowing fairly heavy. Well not like the Rio Grande Valley but brisk none the less.

I didn't have any urge to start the boat for two reasons. First the boat is covered with winter dirt and dust. So it needs power washed. But the lake water is so full of mud that using it to wash the boat would add dirt, not remove it. And the wind would have made any attempt at boating, cold and difficult to navigate.

Pontoons are like a cork on the water when you try to dock them in the strong wind. So I passed for this trip. We will be back in two weeks to take the trailer in for repairs. So maybe we can string the necessary hoses and wash everything then. We do have an electric washer for the dock, and boating toys, but you get as wet, as the object that gets washed. So that is for another day.

So we left around 1:00 PM, driving back the country route. No interstate and mostly state highways. You get to see a lot more of the country that way. Its not necessarily faster, but it is shorter in distance.

I was really hoping that the sprinkler guy had started the yard project, but there was no sign that he had been here, when we got home. Will have to call and see when that will begin. They will give me the run around.

A slow day, but then sitting and watching the lake from the porch, is never too bad of duty. Not much happening this early in the season, but it will pickup in a week or two.

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