Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another car auction!

Were you looking for a nice blog posting today?

I swiped this from the Happy Campers blog. It is the only thing he posted for today. Rex and his wife deal Black Jack at various casino's over the year as work campers. They are from Wisconsin and have a completely different attitude about life in general than we have. Check them out.

Its just like I still had a full time job! We were up at 6:30 and off by 8 to go to the auction. We spent all day watching cars go thru the lanes. We bid on several but they get way too pricey and we just let others pay the big numbers.

We did get one Toyota Camary that had miles over 100K but is clean as a button. Again had to pay too much but the Toyotas seem to sell until they no longer roll. Time will tell.

Not too much else happening here, as I got home by 6 PM. I ride with Chris on auction days so we can bring back the purchases to his building. The auction doesn't get over until 1:30 and then we spend the afternoon driving things home.

We then go over the cars with the fine tooth comb to see if we bought a pig in the poke. Its amazing how much more you can see that needs attention, once it is in your own shop.

So write today off as a day too accomplish anything around the home place, but helping your son is just as rewarding.

Tomorrow we are heading out to the Lake Place in Lake Ozark, Mo. We have not spent too much time there this year as it has been cold and rainy most of the weekends all spring.

We do not even try to go camp on these big holiday weekends. That is what chased us away from camping so many years ago. The fight to get a camping spot on big weekends was not worth the effort. At the lake, we always have our own reservation.

Have to pay the taxes, insurance, and utilities all year though. Everything has its price!

We'll blog at you from the Lake, if we still can get into the neighbors wifi. Not there enough to warrant a connection of our own. We are cheap you know!




  2. Cute posting Rod, love it!

    Did you find Mel at the ham convention?

  3. I see I had two comments on this post, and I hope everyone is now a reader of Rex and Mary, they have me hooked!
    And sadly I did not identify who Mel was at Dayton, but I bet I talked to him, because I talked to almost every one that went buy our tables, LOL


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