Thursday, May 22, 2008

From the Lake of the Ozarks

We spent the afternoon traveling to the lake. Just rolled along at about 55 or so. No hurry, no schedule. And we got here just the same. Maybe 15 minutes longer trip, but who was watching.

Everything was just as I had left it two weeks ago. I stayed here one night by myself, when I delivered the RV to the dealership. Loyce had forgotten that she wasn't the last person to use the place. So I held my breath to see what indiscretions I may have committed. But everything must have been in order, as she hasn't mentioned anything yet.

I'll have to remind her tomorrow, that she wasn't along for the last trip down here. We are in clean up mode, getting ready for the kids and grandkids that will come this weekend. We are not too sure of the schedules yet, but hope to have both families here at the same time for a while anyway.

The pontoon and dock have not been cleaned or started since we winterized them last year. This is very unusual, as we generally have the month of May as one of our best weather months. This May has been one of the coldest months I can remember. And the rains have filled the lake to overfull, and the spillway is still open.

The water is still milky brown and not too inviting. We do not swim in the lake when it is so muddy. And cold rain runoff makes for freezing swimming anyway.

So tomorrow will be a day to get cleaned up some more. Oh, and I bought three 5 gallon jugs of gas to put into the boat tonight. $58.50. There won't be too many on the lake at those prices. My neighbor is trying to sell his boat that has twin 496 Mags V8's. That thing burns 15 to 20 gallons an hour. Gas on the water is $.65 higher than car gas, so its about $4.50 right now.

I wonder how many miles per gallon my rocking chair in the porch gets? I can watch the other nutty folks burn their gas.

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