Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Lost and Hour!

Now just where did that hour go? But it is already 1100 at night and we seemed to only arrive a few minutes ago. But we are in Tipp City, Ohio. This is just North of Dayton, Ohio on I 75. We are staying at an old Holiday Inn that is in the process of changing its name to La Quinta.

We were not told that we were under construction when we made the reservations. But the original reservations were made last year, so many things change in that amount of time. Really, they are painting and changing their look to the La Quinta scheme.

We will go to Fair Radio in Lima, Ohio tomorrow. It is less than an hour drive to see more military surplus gear, than the military has. We enjoy this process as you have to dig thru many crates and cartons. Like looking under the next rock for a new prize.

We will tow the trailer out to the Hamvention show later in the day, and perhaps go to the Airforce Museum as well.

Its late here now so its time to hit the hay!

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