Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cars and more Cars

We set there (auction) all day and the big cars are not bringing anything because no one can sell them. And the little cars are bid up to astronomical prices, beyond retail in most cases.

The broken Prius that we were looking at, was bid beyond retail even though it was wrecked on one side and had all the warning lights on at one time. It was sold as is, with announcements and warnings. But people know how to fix the stuff, and will bid like crazy to have the chance to make a fast buck.

Mileage mania has set in at $4 a gallon. Even 6 cylinder cars are out of favor. And what few 4 cylinder cars that were at the auction, brought $1500 more than the books says they are worth. So we didn't buy anything!

After returning to the house, I spent some time on the internet looking at various car sites, trying to understand what I had seen at the auction today, until Loyce wanted to go to dinner at Fuddruckers. We like the hamburgers at that place, even though it is quite filling. I think it is the fresh bun and the condiments more than anything.

With my cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk, I waddled home and have been talking with my Des Moines friends on Skype for the rest of the night.

I see it is after midnight and this will be a post for Thursday now and not Wednesday. Well not much to report here anyway, since I do not do anything invigorating on days when I work.

Better get this posted an off to bed.

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