Sunday, May 25, 2008

The end of a big day

Its midnight and the day was long and fun. The kids get us up at the crack of dawn, and we should all be in bed by now, but we are all sitting here messing with three laptops.

We have been reminiscing old music by playing you tube videos of songs. Talk about boring but then fun as well. We rode in the pontoon boat for some of the morning, but found the lake quite busy, and rough. It bounces the the boat all over the place and makes it hard to keep going in a straight line.

I tired of that fairly quickly, and then we just hung out at the dock and the kids swam. In the 66 degree water. They seem to not notice the cold, but it is more than I can take. It was almost up to 90 degrees, and the humidity was in the 80's. Our first real taste of summer.

The town was quite busy when we went in yesterday during the rain. So my fears that we would not have a good weekend for the merchants, hasn't been a problem. But boat traffic is down. Gas is expensive.

We did drunk butt chicken for supper, and had baked potatoes and cheesy corn. Damn that was a good meal. Have to go without for days, to make up for all those calories.

So all is well at Lake Ozark.

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