Thursday, May 8, 2008

Auto Auction Pics

Welcome to the auto auction! This is a garage that has 12 doors on the left and 12 doors on the right. They drive in from the right and out to the left. 12 lanes of cars past 12 desks. You are looking down the center of the building at all 12 lanes.

Each lane is marked with the dark green stripe on the floor. It was still early, but folks are already looking at the cars that are lined up. Some lanes will have 250 cars to go thru the auction. Others my only have 75 to 100.

This is lane 1 and the auction hasn't started yet. The auctioneer is the guy with the gray suit coat and the butch haircut. The black shirt guy is the spotter, that will call out the bidders. The gals are the clerks that record the bids for the internet bidders and record the final sale for the close out of business. The lady in the pink, that is in the desk down on the floor level, is where you sign the papers that you won the car. From there, you take your copy into the office and pay on the spot.

We didn't take any of the cars home with us from this weeks auction. The gas savers are going for astronomical prices, and no one is buying anything else.

Irrigation project

Here are the workers as they arrived at our house on Monday. The truck and trailer in the background is their shop on wheels.

This is the start of the vibraplow as it pulls the ploy pipe underground. As it rolls away, the worker next to me was unrolling the big spool of pipe. The machine has a Chinese handcuff style metal woven sock that closes around the end of the pipe. This is attached to the knife plow that is cut through the ground about 8 to 10 inches deep.

They dug a hole in the ground about 4 feet deep. The finally found the water pipe that feeds our house. This took quite a bunch of time to dig. I was very glad that I was not the man on the end of that shovel. Much of the material removed was crushed rock. They kept it separate from the clay dirt. Of course the black top soil was removed by the builder and sold several years ago. That is the reason we need to have irrigation in the first place. There should be a law against that practice, but sadly there is not.

Things are happening fast around here, as the car was finished at the garage today and late in the day, we heard from the RV repair folks that they had our unit done in Linn Creek, Mo.

And they would really like us to come and get it since they do not have any storage room. All of which must happen by Monday. Because on Tuesday its off to Dayton, Ohio.

Yah Hoo!!!!!!!!

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