Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Micro tel in Des Moines

A quick blurb from Des Moines.

I arrived here before noon, pulling the utility trailer. I went to Francie's bar for lunch with three of the guys. This is their daily haunt, serving lunches and dinner. I have spent many an hour in this place when I used to live here.

It seemed like old home day, as I ordered an Italian Sausage sandwich on Focaccia bread. This is a delectable Italian sandwich. It has peppers and cheese with a marinara sauce. All on a red spicy sausage patty. The bread is an Italian flat bread made with lots of olive oil. Man is that good.

After lunch we went to Larry's farm in Greenfield, Iowa and loaded large repeater cabinets to sell in Dayton. This was a give and take session, while we challenged each other to get a move on, or wake up to the facts, or what ever we could think of to barb the other guy. The normal banter.

Once back in the Des Moines area, the trailer was delivered to the home of Alen. He is the one with the Suburban Chevy. We spent another hour loading his very special stuff, that he wants to sell. The trailer is almost full and we still have all our suitcases and the stuf from the other three guys.

So tomorrow is the big travel day. I will not be back on the net until late at night, so you might not see the post until the following day. But I'll be back, once we get there.

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