Friday, May 2, 2008

A day of work at the house.

A work day for sure. Since I had the license for the trailer, I went to the storage lot and hooked on to it. It is so light as compared to the travel trailer. Could forget its there. Only 13 feet long too.

Once back at the house the lawn tractor was unloaded and it fired right off. You have to start it inside the trailer since it is heavy and hard to push. Just drive it off. The push lawn mower did not want to start.

I had emptied the tank of gas last fall and had to refill the tank. Then it took forever to get gas into the carburetor. But it finally went. I also stored our 5600 watt generator in the trailer as well. And it started first pull. Actually only a half a pull as I was just trying to turn it over to lubricate things.

It is a briggs and stratton. Seems to work very fine. I let it run about a half hour. It was used last fall to winterize my son's camper but had not been started since.

The trailer was the pitts. Man was it dirty outside. The aluminum roof bleeds down onto the white painted sides of the unit. It stains so bad that black streak remover will not even touch the stain. Usually thats good stuff but not with this stain.

I even called the trailer dealer that sold me the rig. He said they use Bleachy White and Black Streak together. Still didn't get very clean. I ended up using Simple Green, full strength, along with the other stuff. It did come somewhat clean, but you can see the stain in the paint in good day light.

We are getting prepared to travel to Dayton Ohio, where the Dayton Hamvention will be held two weeks from now. I plan to take the trailer up to Des Moines, where we will hook it to my friend Allen's Suburban truck. He can seat six folks and we have all the seats spoken for.

Yes and I did mow the yard late in the afternoon. It was still wet and the tractor threw the water as we went. I tried to avoid mowing off the little flags that the watering man has all over the yard. But some of them are casualties. He never drew out the layout so he may have to start from scratch again.

The grass is higher than a kite in places, so it is not optional to mow. If the fellow is mad, then maybe he should have been here several weeks ago. I sent the check the first week in April.

I stuck the trailer into the warehouse with the new cars, late in the day, to keep it clean until next week. Oh, and yes, I did put the little sticker on the license plate!

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  1. Hey Rod, look for our friend, Mel Berman when you're there. He's a longtime HAM in more ways than one! Mel is from Dayton and a long time friend of Gordon's. Gordon used to be an amateur radio operator as well but has given it up. Have fun!


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