Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to the Grind

How quickly it is, back to the reality of the everyday routine. I arrived in the middle of the night and everyone was sleeping. They all had the normal nights rest, which got me up and at em at the normal time. Too much to do to sleep all day, right?

So the utility trailer had to be unloaded, and stored back in the storage lot. Oh and on that note, I find that I have inherited a Mitrek Motorola mobile radio. It was stored under the packing blankets and the furniture dolly in the trailer. These radios were for sale, but are not worth too much on a used market. So its rightful owner (Rich)? probably doesn't even know or care that it is missing.

I do not know too much about Motorola radios, so it will not do me much good. It will cost more than it is worth to return, so maybe I'll give it away.

The lawn sprinkler system is done! And it works too. They have it programmed to run twice a day. This is to help settle the ground where they cut it all up with their machines and shovels. We have big dead spots all over the place where the pipes were installed. They seeded some of these spots.

I mowed the lawn and Loyce removed all the flags from the yard. She is really glad to see them go, as it attracted attention to our construction project, and made our yard stand out as the bad looking yard in the neighborhood. I also spread 2 bags of fertilizer over the lawn, with weed killer. That will have us looking greener and better in a short period of time. I hope.

So I was killed again last night. Went right to bed and slept good until 4 AM. And yes that would be 5AM in Ohio, and that is what time we were getting up to go to the show. Isn't it funny how we settle into a routine so quickly?

Today is more study of the new GPS system, and later I have to go with Chris to the car auction. I wonder what real gems they have out there this week?

Another day in the grind!

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